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Head of CRM & Casino Ops
September 19, 1983

About Candidate

Experienced Head of CRM & Casino Operations with a proven track record of optimizing conversion rates in the highly competitive iGaming industry. Seeking to leverage expertise in CRO strategy, A/B testing, and product management to drive growth and success.


2016 Bachelor of Arts (BA)
HMKW University for Media, Berlin, Germany

Majors: Communication and Business Education; Business Psychology; Media Studies; Management & Economics

Work & Experience

2023-03-06 - 2023-09-03 Head of CRM & Casino Ops

Developed and executed operational and brand communication strategies for operational excellence, applying valuable industry insights. Spearheaded CRM campaigns, resulting in a 60% boost in player retention and a 50% increase in engagement in the Sportsbook section, showcasing data-driven customer relationship management skills. Successfully strategized and launched a new product vertical in a regulated market, handling legal and licensing frameworks, demonstrating adaptability in navigating regulatory environments. Managed commercial negotiations, fostering robust relationships with game providers and 3rd party vendors, and diversifying the game offering by 25%, highlighting experience in partnership management. Oversaw the full project lifecycle, from planning through implementation and evaluation, displaying strong project management capabilities. Conducted team evaluations and provided training, leading to a 20% improvement in team performance metrics, highlighting leadership and teamwork skills. Implemented risk management practices, reducing operational risks by 80%, showcasing problem-solving and analytical skills. Steered the team to achieve operational excellence, leading to a 10% improvement in key operational metrics, demonstrating a hands-on problem-solver mindset. Improved NGR performance each month since the soft launch, culminating in a total increase of 30%, showcasing a data-driven approach to revenue optimization. Conducted successful team training initiatives, which led to a 20% improvement in team performance metrics and boosted overall team morale, highlighting leadership skills.

June 2021 - March-2023 Head of Ops Crypto Casino Vertical
SpotGaming LTD

Led the operational strategy development, implementation, and optimization, ensuring efficiency and growth in a highly competitive iGaming industry. Mitigated operational risks through strategic planning and risk matrix analysis, demonstrating a proactive and analytical mindset. Streamlined onboarding procedures for Game Providers and Service Partners, showcasing process optimization and management. Set a commercial baseline for effective Game Provider Acquisition, emphasizing a data-driven approach. Enhanced player experience with in-depth knowledge of Bonus Engine's core capabilities, increasing customer engagement. Managed urgent content promotion through well-documented procedures, highlighting adaptability in time-sensitive situations. Developed and executed an acquisition strategy, increasing customer acquisition rate by 40% following launch, showcasing strong customer acquisition skills. Implemented responsible gaming procedures and trained staff for player well-being, demonstrating a commitment to responsible gaming practices. Provided legal advice and guidance, ensuring compliance with industry standards, indicating knowledge of regulatory requirements. Fostered strong partnerships with key Game Providers and PSP suppliers, highlighting effective relationship management. Strategized and implemented cost-reduction initiatives while nurturing a high-performance work culture, lowering operational costs by 85% and increasing productivity by 100% in a competitive iGaming environment. Mastered constant retention of 50% of acquired players via creative and engaging retention strategy and data analysis, showcasing expertise in customer retention. Administered the payment solution-driven acquisition, improving monthly conversion numbers by 15%, demonstrating proficiency in data-driven customer acquisition. Contributed to overall revenue growth, reflecting a 20% increase each month, despite industry competition.

March 2021 - June 2021 Head of Product Development
SpotGaming Ltd

Spearheaded product strategy development, management, and optimization, including coordinating, enhancing, and implementing uniform design for product UX and brand recognition, a testament to product development and management expertise. Worked closely and negotiated contracts with product providers regarding product features, updates, and implementations, highlighting collaboration skills and partnership management. Showcased effective management while influencing the project management team to improve product design and usability, demonstrating leadership capabilities. Monitored, analyzed, and upgraded the product performance using feedback and analytics from actual usage by clients, a hands-on and data-driven approach. Created and streamlined a direct line of communication with the product provider to shorten resolution time and meet objectives, showcasing problem-solving and proactive mindset. Accelerated resolution time by 90% by directly channeling communication between the product team and product provider, highlighting problem-solving skills. Enhanced monthly customer usage time by 20% by overhauling user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) on site, demonstrating expertise in user experience and interface. Mitigated integration flaws by 50% by implementing real-time reporting and constantly revamping product strategy, showcasing problem-solving and data-driven abilities.