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Japanese affiliate marketing manager
June 13, 1967

About Candidate

As a Japanese, I have been involved in online business at overseas companies for more than 10 years.
Among them, I have worked in the iGaming industry for the last 4 + years.
In the iGaming industry, I was first involved in content and other activities, and then became involved mainly in affiliate market operations in Japan, gaining trust with Japanese clients who have a unique and globally different mentality.

My experience has reaffirmed how important teamwork are in the development of a company, and I believe that the connections and relationships of trust that I have built through my work can be a great intellectual property that can bring a lot of results to yet another company



1990 Bachelor of sociology at Maisie University in Tokyo, Japan

I majored in the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Humanities at Tokyo Myojo University.

Work & Experience

2019 Nov - 2022 Dec Japanese affiliate marketing
Glitnor group

Working to improve our business performance by rebuilding our existing brands in the Japanese market. For affiliates with high potential, consider giving special bonuses to individual granters for a limited time. I check the traffic of existing affiliates and suggest what we can do to improve users again if I see their traffic drop, and I also contact to new affiliates while looking at each online casino introduction site and SNS. I also contact affiliates that distribute videos on YouTube, etc., and try to sign up while discussing costs and other matters. Responding to affiliate needs, such as when an affiliate requests a banner or image other than an existing one, or when there are payment issues. Contact them when there is a change in the description on the site, check the site individually and request a change in the part that needs to be changed. When user complaints or questions come to the affiliate, I work with the support team to resolve them. In addition, when similar issues are raised by a large number of people, the details will be studied in detail and shared with the management team to encourage improvement.