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Affiliate Marketing Manager

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Hi team.

I’m André Costa, born and raised in Brazil. I’ve also lived in the USA (1 year) and Ireland (3 years) and I have traveled to lots of countries, which gives me lots of world knowledge and experience in both Portuguese and English language at a business level.

I’m a professional linguist, creative content creator, and digital marketing consultant specialized in Influencer and Affiliate Marketing for the iGaming industry, with a lot of experience.

I’m committed to providing high-quality services and delivering exceptional results. I’m also a team player and I’m always willing to go the extra mile.

Related to my professional background, I’m a professional linguist by degree (translations, transcriptions, subtitling, copywriting, voice-over, etc) and I have experience working with different kinds of clientes in the areas mentioned in the beginning. However I also have experience with VA, Online Events Consulting, IT Support and Customer Service and PPT visual selling story content creation (for J&J and Molson Coors) and Influencer and Affiliate Marketing / Media Relations (for London Brand Solutions – including lots of internet research, database building with influencers profiles and contacts, etc.) (and with Betwill and 1xBet in the Affiliate area and other operators as well as freelancer).

I’m always looking for new challenges!

Kind Regards,


2014 Linguistics andf Marketing
Linguistics and Marketing

Graduated in Linguistics with specialisation in Digital Marketing.

Work & Experience

2018 - 2023 Affiliate and Influencer Marketing Manager
London Brand Solutions

As an influencer marketing manager, I was responsible for creating and executing digital marketing strategies that generated engagement, traffic and conversions. I worked with influencers from various niches, platforms and regions, and I leveraged their influence to achieve the best results for my clients. I was always on the lookout for new trends, tools and opportunities in the influencer marketing space. I also managed the influencer marketing budget, contracts, campaigns and analytics.

2018 - 2023 Affiliate and Influencer Marketing Manager

As an affiliate manager, I am responsible for managing and growing the affiliate marketing program of the company. I recruit, train and support new and existing affiliates, and I negotiate the best deals and commissions for them. I monitor and analyze the performance of the affiliate campaigns and channels, and I optimize them to increase conversions and revenue. I also maintain good relationships with the affiliates and the affiliate networks, and I ensure the compliance of the affiliate marketing policies and regulations. I am always looking for new opportunities and trends in the affiliate marketing industry.