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Specialized industries that we put our focus on.

iGaming Industry

Blockchain Industry

AI Industry

Popular roles that our clients are looking for...

Chief Marketing Officer

Up to $300k p/y

Chief Product Officer

Up to $250k p/y

Country Manager

Up to $125k p/y

Business Developer

Up to $120k p/y

Marketing Manager

Up to $100k p/y

Affiliate Manager

Up to $80k p/y

Software Engineer

Up to $75k p/y

Account Manager

Up to $70k p/y

And many more..

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! For the candidates we are not charging anything. For our model we are focussing only on charging some costs to the employers. We do this to ensure the quality of the employers. This means that you don’t have to pay anything, ever.

No worries at all. We have built this platform with the candidates in mind. You profile is being kept safe and secure. By default your name, resume and contact details are hidden. Recruiters can only view your profile if they are taken an interest in you. This ensures that your profile will not become visible for any outsiders. Additionally all the recruiters and employers are bound by our terms and conditions, where they ensure the privacy and secrecy of our candidates. Whenever they overstep them, they need to pay a hefty fine.

We have a strict approval process, where we ensure that we only onboard high value companies and only within the industry. To add to that, all the companies are paying a monthly premium to ensure that they are serious in finding quality candidates.

It only takes around 95 seconds to create an account and fill in your profile. We made the process smooth and convenient with your precious time in mind.

It all depends on the strength of your profile. Candidate whom have a strong profile, can already expect opportunities within just a few days.

We typically approve new candidate profiles within 1-3 business days only.

Receive the best opportunities in your niche industrie.

Connect with high-value companies that are serious about hiring top candidates.

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